The innovative, patented Omniball® comes in 2 and 4 pound options. It offers an unprecedented mix of both traditional and functional exercises for the upper and lower body.

What sets this product apart is the 360° OmniDirectional rolling system, creating instability, challenging balance, and providing a bodyweight workout like nothing on the market today! The Velcro straps also allow the Omniball to be used as a gripless weight for hands or feet.

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Leg Basics with the Omniball®

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Leg Basics with the Omniball®
No other product gives you the kind of rolling versatility to work your body like the Omniball® does. The increased range of motion and added weight will intensify your workout. Learn how to use the Omniball® correctly while focusing on the legs. You will learn some of the basic techniques and proper positioning to isolate and engage specific muscles. Fifteen minutes of leg work with the Omniball® will convince you that this is the way you should train your legs on the floor. All legs and no lunges. Enjoy!