Omniball Story

When my father was having problems with his shoulder and knees in the 1990s, I started thinking of a way to improve his physical therapy exercises and related equipment because they did not seem efficient or versatile enough. A friend constructed the first prototype using a pasta colander, a giant tennis ball and a bicycle pedal strap. It was inspiring, and the pedal strap even gave me the idea to use the ball on my feet, but it still lacked the ability to roll smoothly in every direction. Shortly afterwards, while on my way to teach at a fitness conference, I saw a plane being loaded with huge cargo containers pushed over casters embedded in the floor and a lightbulb went on. Seven prototypes and almost two years of testing later, the Omniball was born!

After the technology was patented for use in fitness, I began instructing Omniball classes at the University of California, Irvine. Originally, I thought it would just be a great therapy tool and help with core strength training, but it soon proved to be much, much more. It is the most versatile product I have come across in my decades of fitness experience, working with all kinds of exercise equipment.

Omniball® Patented Technology

Here is a schematic of the inner workings of the Omniball. Notice the ball bearings at the top of the ball to allow for smooth 360º Performance.

Most of the weight of the product comes from the shell and the ball itself.

The outer casing is layered and assembled to keep the ball in place and to elevate the hands off the casing to minimize vibration. The proprietary strap and Edging capabilities allow for tremendous versatility through a virtually unlimited number of exercises.

This product has come a long way from the prototype which was a pasta colander, tennis ball, bike strap and a single large screw that held it all together!

- Aileen