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✔ The ultimate bodyweight workout - Creates instability, challenges balance, and provides a bodyweight workout like nothing on the market today!

✔ Use on both hands and feet - The Velcro straps allow the Omniball to be used as a gripless weight on the hands or feet.
✔ Full body - Because of the 360° OmniDirectional rolling system and the hands/feet option, the Omniball trains large and small muscles throughout your entire body!
✔ Can also be used if you have injuries - If you're having trouble exercising because of an injury, try the Omniball! No other product can beat it for therapeutic range of motion work with the shoulders, elbows, knees, and hips!
✔ For every exercise and exerciser - The Omniball is available in both a 2-pound and a 4-pound version, so whether you want to do introductory yoga or an advanced bodyweight workout, the Omniball is right for you!

Train your entire body with just one piece of equipment!

More and more people are exercising at home, but it can be expensive and inconvenient. Avoid the expense and clutter of multiple pieces of equipment with the Omniball! It allows you to do cardio, core, flexibility and strength training, all in one small piece of equipment you can pop in a backpack and take with you anywhere! 

This patented tool can be used with your feet and your hands and you can be used to work out on the floor, standing, against a wall, or on a tabletop. This allows you to do hundreds of different exercises.

Portable - Exercise wherever you want!

The Omniball is perfect for use at home, but is also suitable for the gym, the park, your hotel room, or whatever location you like! It's easy to carry and relatively small compared to most other fitness equipment.